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  • HM-DSW High Speed Three Thread Fleece Knitting Machine

    Product presentation: Using four-track cam design with closed type.terry yarn.1aid-in yarn and ground yarn should be adopted in to weave fish scale.twill and France fleece cloth. Cloth cover can be used as through brushed fabric.with high output By adjusting the cam of is able to ea...

  • HM-DM High Speed Single Terry Knitting Machine

    Product presentation: Complete and sophisticated chestnut process design can be equipped with sinkers in different to weave the towel fabric with different hair change according to the different needs of customers. Models available are positive bale and negative bale double-loop...

  • High Speed 0pen-Width Single Knitting Machine

    Characteristics of machine: HM Open-Width Single Knitting Machine is developed on the basis of single-surface machine and fabric machine,which has the characteristics of single-surface machine and crease-free for cloth of fabric machineThe new generation 0f knitting machine is developed by the company combining wi...

  • HM-DF4 High Speed Single Jersey Knitting Machine

    Product presentation: It adopts four-track cam design of closed type witb Draw-down cam,Tuck cam.Floating threads cam. Central total lift can easily and quickly adjust the weight of fabric:mouth feeding yarn with specially design makes the increase of spandex with facility. Use humanizatiol~design.additional...

  • HM-DDT Computerized Single Jersey Auto-Striper Knitting Machine(Six/Four Colors)

    Product presentation: 1. The machine has simple and stable structure with change color device with small volume,reaching maximum productivity of many colors and change.2.It adopts center adjustment equipment.and it can adjust the gram force simply and accurately3.It adopts the four track cam witb special desi...

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