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  • HM-DMXYJ Single small circular machine at a high speed

    HM single-sided machine using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD), computer aided analysis (CAE) gear static analysis and simulations, reduce the number of gear design and manufacturing defects, make the machine run more smoothly, performance is more outstanding, more professional, precision weaver. Importa...

  • HM-SL High Speed Rib Knitting Machine

    Product presentation: The machine is suitable for long and short fabric.rib fabric.and jacquard fabric.and yarn socket can be independently with spandex device to weave elastic double fabric 2+4 distance The machine can weave complex fabric with changed texture and lower material high-class clothing

  • HM-SJM Velvet Shearing Knitting Machinee (Velvet)

    Product introduction: The machine has the characteristics of frequency control.transmission speed adjustment.failing cloth in take-up cloth mode. high detection of intensity wool.high quality of cam.high rotating speed.and convenient for use and maintenance.which is the machine type with high performance...

  • HM-SHT Pattern Wheel Jacquard Double Knitting Machine

    Characteristics of machine: With multi-purpose.the machine uses upper and down two section pattern wheel jacquard.pattern wheel can directly select needles to weave different weave to produce plain jacquard fabric.two-color.tri-color or four-color jacquard fabric and arbitrary design jacquard pattern...

  • HM-SDT Computerized Double Jacquard Knitting Machine

    Product presentation: 1.The machine selects needle in needle cylinder by using computer needle selector.the computer needle selector makes Draw-down cam,Tuck cam. Floating threads cam,any complex texture structure and process designs are converted into control procedures through the computer system flower-shaped...

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