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Especificaciones Técnicas
Characteristics of machine:
With multi-purpose.the machine uses upper and down two section pattern wheel jacquard.pattern wheel can directly select needles to weave different weave to produce plain jacquard fabric.two-color.tri-color or four-color jacquard fabric and arbitrary design jacquard pattern that you need.easy to operate.with zero failures.suitable for male and female clothing weaved with a variety of woven NYLON(spandexl) yarn.polyester(nitrilon)silk or blended yarns.together with gauzing pipe and spandex for additional equipment for and flexible fabric and so on.if disk chuck jacquard isn’t used,the full thread withdrawal chestnut or selective needle withdrawal and flat needle chestnut production mesh cloth,and Roman cloth can be directly use instead of versatile machine.In addition,the dismounted loop to recover the chestnut uses the cone protection needle structure in special use,to protect the safety of needle cylinder operation.
Configuración Estándar
Diseño De Producción
Production Layout
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