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Characteristics of machine:
HM Open-Width Single Knitting Machine is developed on the basis of single-surface machine and fabric machine,which has the characteristics of single-surface machine and crease-free for cloth of fabric machine
The new generation 0f knitting machine is developed by the company combining with knitting principle,ergonomics,and
aesthetic view point.
HM Open-Width Single Knitting Machine uses three-dimensional computer -aided design(CAD)and computer-aided analysis (CAE)for gear static analysis and transmission simulation,to reduce defects of gear design and manufacturing,so that the machine runs more smoothly,the perfornlance is more excellent.and weaving cloth is more professional and sophisticated·
Important components use advanced processing center for manufacturing,to improve the precision and accuracy of parts,some precise positioning is used between parts in the heart.Major structural parts use advanced surface treatment craft,which greatly improves the surface quality,hardness and corrosion preventive level.
In brief.beautiful and novel appearance,high performance。stable running。easy operation.and people-oriented are the main feature of HM series


 Gauge :16G -44G 
 Feeder:42F -114F 
 Power:7.5HP -11.5HP
Standard Configuration
Production Layout
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