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Especificaciones Técnicas
Product presentation:
1. The machine has simple and stable structure with change color device with small volume,reaching maximum productivity of many colors and change.
2.It adopts center adjustment equipment.and it can adjust the gram force simply and accurately
3.It adopts the four track cam witb special design and it can produce many types of single color-stripes fabrics.
4.It adopts internationally-advanced Japanese WAC computer control system and Japanese Matsuzaki line changing mechanism It is with off memory function and storage function.Through high-tech man-machine interface LCD touch can change and cover the interior procedures conveniently,changing the width color of striped fabric.
5.It can add spandex device and knit any types of high-end flexible color cloth strip
6.It can knit striped terry and free striped velvet fabric with towel interchanger parts and it can change conveniently and quickly
Configuración Estándar
Diseño De Producción
Production Layout
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