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To only the land, industry to xing. Talent is the fundamental enterprise development, is the first productivity, promote enterprise development by leaps and bounds. Evergrande attaches great importance to the construction team, through various channels to introduce talents, efficient mechanism to cultivate talents and broad platform promotion, in an impregnable position in the fierce competition for the enterprise to provide a strong guarantee.

In the introduction of talent, Evergrande to establish a high standard, appropriate leading talent introduction mechanism, set up campus recruitment, social recruitment, introduction of overseas channels, such as talents, strict screening, waves of gold.

In terms of training talents, Evergrande the establishment of a comprehensive, systematic training system and culture as the key, plan management as the core, to enhance the level of staff capacity in actual combat as the foothold, and cultivate a batch of a group of hardworking and pioneering constant adult.

In terms of promotion of talent, Evergrande high-speed, diversified development, for each constant adult has provided a broad space for development and promotion platform. The subjective initiative of employees get maximize, inner potential to get the maximum digging, within the company and therefore formed the good incentive atmosphere.

A statue of xian, junjie reign, have. Ambitious goal of enterprise, advanced management system and scientific incentive mechanism, made a highly educated, high-quality Evergrande tiejun. Evergrande currently has 80000 employees, more than 91% of engineering technology and management for university bachelor degree or above, management team, on average, more than 22 years of real estate development and management experience, including 1 management professor, doctoral supervisor, Dr. 4 people, master of 14 people. Constant adult high ideals, strong values and execution, to form the efficient follow up the work atmosphere of corporate culture, work together, beyond the value of the perfect system, and become a powerful force driving the company repeated miracle.