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Culture of Zhenfu
Enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise,and Zhenfu culture consists of three parts of Zhenfu spirit,Zhenfu concept and management system
Spirit of Zhenfu
Teach people how to behave:to establish the exact work moral outlook and forge the personality charm of Zhenfu staff, Zhenfu sprits includes six kinds of spirits:diIigent professionalism; competitive spirit dare to struggle; rigorous and hard-working practical spirits; tireless spirit of learning; the spirit of exploration that dares to climb:team spirits with consensus and synergy.
Concept of Zhenfu
QuaLity-oriented, credit first
Management system
System culture is the bridge of enterprise culture,at the beginning of the undertaking,Zhenfu has been persisting in the policy of“Manage the factory according to law and in a strictly manner“which has formulated the code for the cadre staff conduct regulations,production management regulations,technical management regulations,quality management regulations, materials management systems, energy management system and many other ruIes and regulations, using system to regulate the behavior of employees, to enable the operation of cadres,workers and businesses to follow the rules, forming the fine style of strict enforcement of order and bans and strict discipline