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Product presentation:
It adopts four-track cam design of closed type witb Draw-down cam,Tuck cam.Floating threads cam. Central total lift can easily and quickly adjust the weight of fabric:mouth feeding yarn with specially design makes the increase of spandex with facility. Use humanizatiol~design.additional feed yarn intermediate ring is easy observation and wearing yarn of operator.instead of touching the operator’s head of yarn; at the same time.making yarn delivery more fluid and meet the requirements
for high-speed weaving of machine.Sophisticated structural design makes needle cylinder more convenient to replace.through different triangular arrangements,a variety of tissue fabrics can be produced,such as:mercerized cotton,polyester cover cotton striped fabric,scouring pads,single and double lacoste mesh fabric.elastic cloth,scale loop+spandex,cotton spandex single jersey.etc.Products are used to vest,T-shirt,sportswear.aerobic suit.and swimming suit.
One machine has lots of functions.and single-surface machine can be converted into sweater machine or towel machine just by changing key parts;
Gauge:15G -44G 
Feeder:72F -272F Speed:16-30r/min 
Power:5.5HP -7.5HP
Standard Configuration
Production Layout
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